Disabled data elements for Events in Tracker

We have a situation where all data elements for a Tracker Event for a particular participant are all disabled, but working for other participants, the event is repeatable, and if a new one is created with a different incident date, all works fine.

Is there an article indicating when data elements are disabled, or is this a bug, how can one debug what might be causing this? any info will highly be appreciated, thank you.

Hi there,
Have you checked your browser console?
Additionally add &verbose into end of your url string and you will see all executing rules and their results. By analysing you will find out the reason.
Good luck.

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can you check if you opened it from its OrgUnit ? Like you have to select its OrgUnit before opening it.

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Yes, thats the first thing I check, still gives me the same issue :grimacing:

Thank you @Ulanbek, didn’t know about the &verbose, didn’t aid in finding the problem but if a new this a few months back it would have definitely saved me a lot of sleep.

A roll back was done on the solution from 3.34 to 3.33, so I’m going to assume its the cause of this as we’ve checked all that we could with the platform, and recreated the event, the error hasn’t reproduced itself since so hence the conclusion, thank you all.

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