Digital Health Investments – coordinating PEPFAR’S digital health activities

My name is Vlad Shioshvili. I work at ICF, and am a tech lead of the PEPFAR systems’ data exchange and interoperability group.

I have the privilege to present with the help of my colleague Alicia Smith, at the 2022 DHIS2 annual conference as part of the parallel session led my Jim Grace titled “DHIS2 and PEPFAR” on Thursday 23 June, 11:15-12:15 CET (time is tentative).

Here is the brief summary of what will be covered in my presentation:

Under the 2021 Country Operating Planning (COP) guidance, US President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) partners are ask to conduct an inventory of all PEPFAR-funded Digital Health Investments (DHI). The goals are to ensure donor alignment, identify scalable goods that can help to improve healthcare delivery, improve the efficiency of programming and reduce redundancy of digital interventions.

As a result, the DHI data stream was implemented, and a customized application developed to collect data from PEPFAR reporting partners through its DHIS2 instance (DATIM). Leveraging key features and functionalities of DHIS2, the customized tool interacts with DATIM through APIs and offers users the same user-friendly interface unique to the platform.

DHI reporting requirements are aligned with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Digital Health Atlas (DHA) and comprised of both qualitative and narrative responses with skip logic. Data collected will help PEPFAR better analyze and identify how investments are used, their spread across US government agencies, key program areas of focus by partners, identify implementation statuses, and support efforts to better coordinate digital health activities globally.

DHI was piloted in 2021 to three countries and will be rolling out to more countries this summer with some additional adjustments. Data collected will be available in WHO’s DHA later.


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