Difference between Option set and Option set for comments

I am creating data element to store structured comments. I know that I can do it by creating Option set but I couldn’t find and good explanation of using Option set for comments and how these two differs.
When I attach an option set in the Option set for comments, the option even dose not appear during the data entry.
Any good example/explanation please

Hi @LutfullahShifaa,

I believe that what you are looking for is the Option Set rather than the Option Set for comments. As mentioned in the documentation, the Option Set for Comments is for the Comments on the Data Values in data entry (which explains why it doesn’t appear.)

Hope this helps! Thanks! (:

Hi @Gassim
Thank you for your reply. Actually, I have been through the documentation but my understanding was that we can implement structured comments through Option Set for Comments.
If it is okay with you, could you please do an example on the play to see how Options Set for Comments works?
Thank you again