Diff for data browser

Dear Lars and Hieu,

Please find this diff against the 2.0.5 branch, which I think solves
some of the issues with the data browser function (for me at least).
Not sure this jives with other peoples conception of how this works.

First, duplicate count of values occurred if data elements were
members of multiple data element sets. This has been changed, so that
the count of data elements occurs irrespective of their membership in
data element sets.

Second, the organisational units drill down now presents a count of
all descendants. For instance, if you choose orgunit level 2, you get
a listing of counts for all data elements that have been entered below
orgunit2, grouped by orgunit 3. The count would thus include any
orgunit3, orgunit4, and orgunit5 data elements.

Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Best regards,

DataBrowserDiff.diff (6.9 KB)


Jason P. Pickering
email: jason.p.pickering@gmail.com