Individual being trained on DHIS2

Do you want to learn more about DHIS2 and its components? At eHealth4everyone, we offer DHIS2 training services that are intended for those who want to gain an upper hand in today’s job market. You acquire on-demand skills in data analysis and management, and also upgrade your career with our unique training. Our training plans are available both online and onsite, so you get to choose at your convenience.

You get to learn:

  • Data entry, analysis and reporting
  • Sharing analyses
  • Using reporting functionalities
  • Using the GIS app
  • Configuration of DHIS2 mobile and many more.

DHIS2 is widely adopted and is currently being used as the National Health Information System in about 60 countries and by NGOs for health-related projects, including patient health monitoring, disease surveillance, and management of public health data.

Our team has deployed DHIS2 for over a dozen organizations and has deep knowledge, expertise and experience with application hosting. All of which was adopted to set up the first-ever DHIS2 as a software service called Dhistance. With Dhistance, you can set up your own DHIS2 server seamlessly.

Reach out to us here to learn more about our training.

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