Dhistance - extending possibilities with dhis2

Individuals and organizations across Africa and other continents of the world are brewing up innovative use-cases of DHIS2 that are novel and yet to be implemented to this date. Little technical knowledge, low capital and lack of mentorship are among the challenges that stand in their way. To help increase the ease-of use of DHIS2 and extend its possibilities and impact around the world, Dhistance is helping users set up and host their DHIS2 servers for free in little to no time. One of the perks of Dhistance is that it offers unequalled hosting support, meaning anyone around the world can use DHIS2 without having to manage the hosting environment. Using DHIS2 to make an impact just got effortless. The Dhistance platform has been used by individuals, NGOs, government agencies and other private organizations in over 50 countries around the world. You can trust Dhistance.

The cost effectiveness of the platform makes it very attractive to small-sized companies and independent consultants. Immediately after signing up, new users get 14 days for free after which they are entitled to a 6-month 50% discount offer i.e. new users after their 14-day free plan expires can pay a monthly fee of $55 (instead of $110) for 6 months. Also, for each referral, a 14 day extension is initiated on the user’s subscription plan. You are assured to save more with Dhistance.

Are you ready to unlock the limitless potential of DHIS2? Give Dhistance a try. It’s free for 14 days.