DHIS2 version 40.2.2 is now available - HOTFIX

Dear all,

DHIS2 version 40.2.2 is out as a HOTFIX release to address an issue in v40 that can lock users out of the system when their passwords expire.

This is the latest stable release for version 40, and supersedes patches 40.2.0 and 40.2.1.

These hotfixes are provided to make it easy for you to keep your system secure and reliable; provided you keep up to date with the latest patch versions.

The release note for this patch can be found here: Patch 40.2.2 Release Note.


DHIS2 Release Team

P.S. This issue has also been addressed for the future v40.3.0 patch release.

Release Information Links
Release Note Patch 40.2.2 Release Note
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Source code on Github tag/
Demo instance DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone
Docker docker pull dhis2/core:
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@phil could you clarify on these notes from the 40 release:
The dates related to the time dimension "Last updated on" will also take into consideration the last updated date used by mobile or other API clients. Basically, the rule being applied is: if there is a "last updated" date persisted by the client/mobile, this date will take precedence in analytics queries, and will be used by the "Last updated on" dimension.

The time dimension "Event date", which represents the execution date and can assume different names depending on the program/stage (e.g. "Report date", "Event date", "Visit date", etc.), will now display the timestamp along with the date. This will give more precision to the client/mobile applications if needed. If no timestamp is set, it will be displayed with zeros.

QUESTION: When I run event report/line list for the period Jan-Mar 2023, which date will be used between the Last Update on and Event Date?