DHIS2 v2.37.3 issue with LDAP authentication

Dear DHIS2 experts,

We are using LDAP authentication in all of our instances (nearly 50) which is v2.33.5 in MSF OCB. We are currently upgrading our instances from 2.33.5 to 2.37.3. We have noticed an issue with the v2.35.9, v2.36.8 and v2.37.3 that if LDAP is configured then no user (both LDAP and non-LDAP) can login to the application. If LDAP is not configured then the non-LDAP accounts can login successfully. I have attached [here the log](https://pastebin.com/PnscRcfD) and would highly appreciate your support in this.



Hi Mohammad!

I’ve tried to reproduce your error on the versions you mentioned, but I’m not able to. It works as expected, I’m using ApacheDS. Could you send me some more info on which LDAP server you are using and the dhis.conf settings file?
You can send it directly to me on email also if you rather want that.

Morten Svanæs

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