DHIS2 v2.30 - Linking program access right to user roles

We have a number of programs related to different patient conditions.
In v2.27 there was no problem allocating and changing access to different programs for individual system users.

We are now moving to v2.30. The v2.30 documentation https://docs.dhis2.org/2.30/en/user/html/dhis2_user_manual_en_full.html#about-user-roles
indicates that a user role can assign program access – see 19.1 and screenshot under 19.3.1

However this does not relate to the actual form in v2.30 which does not include any content block related to program access.

How do we easily add and remove access rights to a number of programs for individual system users in v2.30?

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Dear @MCunningham

Tracker program and stage access is assigned within the program design at Stage 5. Access.

See attached. Click on the program and program stage to assign appropriate access right to individuals and groups especially for DATA section.



Hi @MCunningham,

Hopeyou are well. Was @prosper’s support helpful in sorting you out?