DHIS2 v2.30 Full set of Translated data elements not being returned via endpoint

(Miriam) #1

We have set up the translation of the data element tags using the normal tools in DHIS2 v2.30.

According to DHIS documentation (https://docs.dhis2.org/2.30/en/developer/html/webapi_translations.html#get-translations) we should be able to retrieve all the translations from within the system.
However calling the endpoint /{api version}/translations (as specified in the online documentation) results in the system returning a 404 response.

Some of the translations pull through onto the application while others (with translations values) do not. The same is experienced in the Tracker Capturer application.

Are there known bugs in v2.30 or how do we work around this problem which is time urgent for our implementation?

Thanks for your feedback

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