[Dhis2-users] Period frequency

Dear Barnali,

  1. Why 2013 year is not showing in the drop down list of period in the data entry form?

Please check your yearly dataset again. If the property Allow future periods as NO, the current period and periods in the future will not displayed on entry form.

  1. How to write aggregate query builder condition.

To define Aggregation Query Builder formula, from the Maintenance > Persons and Programs > Aggregation Query Builder link on left menu to proceed.

You can click on the Question mark icon next to the header after open this link. I added a quick user-guide for this function

  1. How to show aggregate query builder result.

There are two way to run the formulas defined:

  1. Run automatically : From the Maintenance > *Persons and Programs *> Automated Aggregation. Please click Question mark icon to see user-guide.

  2. Run manually : From the Services > Individual Records > Manual Person Aggregation on left menu. And also please click Question mark icon to see user-quide.

Please contact to me if you have any questions.

Please help me, I am in big problem.

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Châu Thu Trân
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