DHIS2 Upgrade

Hello everyone, I am trying to upgrade my dhis2 instance from 2.30 - 2.31 and i’m experiencing some issues. here’s my instance details:
postgres: 10
tomcat 9
java 8
ubuntu 20.04

here is a link to the server logs:


the script try to delete latitude column (from the programinstance table) as mentioned below. But you have SQL Views depending on this table.

As recommended in the link below, you have to delete all SQL Views

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hello @didate thanks for the feedback, i tried to drop sql views and got a bunch of errors. Here’s one:

  • WARN 2023-03-06 17:05:23,105 Validation failed for SQL view ‘I4FJ0Pdo1w0’: SQL query contains references to protected tables (DefaultSqlViewService.java [taskScheduler-22])

Did you use Data administration app → maintenance-> Drop SqlViews ?

@didate Yes I did, does deleting the sql views in Maintenance>others>sql views have the same effect?

@didate , did you succeed with your upgrade ?.

@tkipkurgat it’s not me who asked the question

Sorry, I was to ask and updated from @omiebi, for sure.