Dhis2 Upgrade to 2.38

Hi guys,
I would like your guidance on a piece of information we received from some work partners and countries we interact with about DHIS2 issues. We are using version. And we intend to upgrade to version 2.38. But, we were suggested not to upgrade to version 2.38 because it was giving too many problems due to some flaws that had been detected.

So, I would like to have your opinion about it.

Do you recommend us to update to version 2.38 or one above the one we are using?


imho, only way to find a definite answer to this is to replicate your system in a test server and upgrade to 2.38.x and see whether all functionalities work for your usecases.

As another user like you, i am using 2.38.3 in production instance, so far it’s good except for some minor glitches like some event reports crash for me which there is a jira associated with it, and we could use linelist app instead.

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Thomas,I really appreciate your input in this matter. I think it is a workaround to figure out how this will work. Although I’m looking for implementers who have already upgraded to 2.38. What their experience is in terms of usage. For example, data entry, reporting (analytics), user roles and mobile applications.


We are on 2.39 and so far didnt notice any issues. The latest v40 version has a lot of good features, so if you think about upgrade it might worth to try it out.