DHIS2 Training Available at eHealth4everyone

The world’s largest Health Management Information System is DHIS2. It is used in over 60 countries and is being adapted by non-governmental organizations and governments all over the world. It is used to collect, validate, analyze, and manage data in the field of health information system, public health or data management.

DHIS2 has numerous advantages. It is very language friendly, with options for 8 different languages. It has data entry and analysis features that make it as flexible and dynamic as possible. It can be used offline, online, or as a hybrid system. It can also be used in other industries such as research, logistics, and finance because it meets all of the criteria for data management.

eHealth4everyone is a mission-driven organization that provides services, expertise, and products that focus on healthcare delivery through technology-enabled optimizations. It is a globally recognized DHIS2 training institute. We hold training sessions and we have the best experts in DHIS2.

We offer hands-on training on DHIS2 and our classes are divided into the beginners level and beginners to advanced level.

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