DHIS2 Training App

Good day,
I’m struggling to use the Training App for our instance.
When I start the tutorial, I get the following message: “instance-url.org refused to connect

Anybody out there who can advise how to resolve this please.

Johan (johan@hisp.org)
Trainin App

Hi @Johan_Smith
Thank you for your post and the screenshot! Did you install the app from the app hub in the App Management app or was it a manual install?

Please what is the DHIS2 version of your instance and what is the version of the app you are downloading? Also please check compatibility if you used a manual install from DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone

Although I can see some errors in the Network tab in the Browser’s Developer’s tools however the app is working fine in 2.37.3 version in play.dhis2.org when I installed it from the App Hub in the App Management App.

It’ll be helpful if you add more details so that the developers of this app will be able to assist you. Thank you!


Hi @Johan_Smith, do you have any server side policy against iframes on your apache or nginx configuration?

The training app loads an iframe behind the tutorial to load other DHIS2 apps, this should always be fine if the training app and the instance are on the same domain and scheme.

Alternatively the issue could be related to having a bad configuration with HTTPS, but you should be facing more issues than only the training app not properly loading.


Thanks @Gassim .
DHIS version: 2.36.7
Training App version: 1.1.2 downloaded from the App hub and installed it through the Management App.

Thank you @SferaDev
I’m not sure about the iframes on apache or nginx configuration, but will take it up with our infrastructure team.

Other Apps are working fine and the Training App is also working fine on some of our other instances.

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@Gassim and @SferaDev, the issue has been resolved.

It was a server side issue. The X-frames options were set to DENY, whereas we needed them to be set to SAMEORIGIN if the request comes from the same domain.