DHIS2 Training App: finalist of the App competition

The DHIS2 Training App: improving support to DHIS2 end users

The DHIS2 Training App is a open source DHIS2 Web application that provides end-users with interactive step-by-step tutorials that guide them through data collection, visualization and import/export processes.

The application:
  • allows end-users to start a tutorial from their DHIS2 instances on demand,
  • through sharing settings, offers users the tutorials they need, no more, no less,
  • comes with a series of off-the-self tutorials for users to learn how to use the core DHIS2 apps,
  • is also a “tutorial builder” that allows non-IT users from any disease program to create their own custom tutorials to support their end-users completing disease and country specific data collection process.

At the App competition session on Friday 14:30 (CEST). We will:

  • walk you through the experience of an end user,
  • show you how anybody can create a custom tutorial with very little effort,
  • and how the tutorials can be translated in multiple languages.

This application was lead by WHO, designed by Lushomo in collaboration with DHIS2 users and developed by EyeSeeTea SL.
You can find it at: GitHub - WorldHealthOrganization/training-app-blessed