DHIS2 Tracker module line list

Hi guys. I am working with the dhis2 TB tracker module however I am struggling to be able to download the patients’ line list in a single excel document it only gives me an option to download by sections. Anyone to help me or give me a certain app that can help me download patients line list in one excel.

Hi @Nakanyala and welcome to the community! :bouquet:

I believe you are using an the Event Reports app and you mean by sections as the stages? If you are using the app as I expect, it will be possible to set all the settings that you want (linelist,enrollement,Program,[choose a program stage for now], Period, & Organisation Unit) then choose update then before you press on download make sure to open your browser’s developer tools (F12→click on the Network tab) and then after you click on download, you will see a link appear in the Network tab such as


then you will remove the stage=‘stage-value’ from the link which will help you download the file including all the stages.

I hope this helps! :+1: