DHIS2 TOOLS NEXT GEN tool, error container

I installed DHIS2 with the DHIS2 TOOLS NEXT GEN tool, there is an error during the installation of the container
could someone help me please

Hi @daniel1,
It seems as if there’s an issue with connecting properly to the postgresql repository which is what is causing the “unexpected file size”. I tried to search for a solution, I think it might help if you try these commands first:

  1. apt-get clean
  2. apt-get update

If this doesn’t work please post back to the community asap because if it is a bug it means it could be happening to everyone who tries it!

It could help if you add more info about the environment, what version of PostgreSQL are you using? The version of DHIS2?

Thanks! :+1::+1:

I use the default postgres in the DHIS2 tools (net generation dhis2-tools-ng) tool, I think it’s 13
apt-get clean
apt-get update
it does not work
j ai suivit cet tuto GitHub - bobjolliffe/dhis2-tools-ng: Next generation dhis2-tools
sur ubuntu server 20.4

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Hi @daniel1,

Sorry are you still facing this issue? One thing I found out when trying to figure out what the issue is, I realized that in the log it says “‘file has unexpected size’ when downloading the repo from postgres and the IP is actually from postgres”!

I don’t think that’s supposed to happen!