DHIS2 Software as a Service

DHIStance – your best bet for setting up and hosting DHIS2

Digital health data management couldn’t be any better when you work with DHIStance to set up DHIS2, an open source software that does more than collection, validation and presentation of aggregate and patient based statistical data for integrated health management.DHIS2 is well suited for a broad range of applications,which covers routine reporting for district,facility, and community health, education, water and sanitation, agriculture, and more

About DHIStance & offering

  • first ever automated DHIS2 as a software hosting platform
  • Allows you to set-up and host within minutes
  • Eliminates the burden of time consumption and technical expertise in server deployment and management
  • Best practice installation, configuration and more

Additional Offering

  • Uptime and support
  • Reliable backup of database and application
  • Updates and patching of operating system and middleware
  • Help desk, server resource scaling
  • And more

Who is behind DHIStance?

eHealth4Everyone - a leader in digital health social enterprise founded by go to eHealth enthusiasts. They work with all stakeholders to push the frontiers of digital health.

The enterprise momentum is hinged on innovation, invention and implementation. Same way they are keen on training and human capital development in this area.

Your best bet on digital health.

Dhistance is fully operational and available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Visit www.dhistance.com today to create your DHIS2 instance.


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