DHIS2 patch release 2.35.6 is now available - [HOT FIX]

Dear all,

DHIS2 version 2.35.6 is now released as a HOT FIX patch.

This HOT FIX addresses an issue that can affect the API used for synchronising data from Android and other external clients. It does not include additional bug fixes or enhancements.

The issue is present in DHIS versions 2.35.3, 2.35.4, and 2.35.5.

If your implementation is running an affected version of DHIS2 you may be at risk of data loss due to failed synchronisation.
Your implementation might be affected if you are using the DHIS2 Android App [1] or any custom client using the trackedEntityInstance WebAPI endpoint and any of these conditions are met:

  • You have any users that do not have access to search for tracked entity instances across all org units (search scope not set at root level)
  • Any of your tracker programs are configured with the “Access level” set to either “Protected” or “Closed”

If you think you might be affected please send a message directly to @dhis2-tracker (<-- click the name and select message) and we can assist in avoiding the loss of any unsynchronised data.

[1] Note: Data is safe in the mobile device, but if that data is deleted from the device, because there is a change of user or the user manually deletes it before it can be synchronised, then the data will be lost. This HOT FIX patch will fix future synchronisation, and a HOT FIX for the Android Capture app will add a feature to facilitate re-synchronisation of previous changes on devices.

As usual, this is the latest stable release for version 2.35, and supersedes releases 2.35.0 to 2.35.5.
The release note for this patch can be found here: Patch 2.35.6 Release Note

Thank you!

DHIS2 Release Team

Release Information Links
Release Note Patch 2.35.6 Release Note
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Download release and sample database https://www.dhis2.org/downloads
Documentation and Javadocs https://docs.dhis2.org/en
Source code on Github Release 2.35.6 · dhis2/dhis2-core · GitHub
Demo instance https://play.dhis2.org/2.35.6/
Docker docker pull dhis2/core:2.35.6
for more docker image variants see dockerhub
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