DHIS2 patch release 2.35.3 is now available - important Android compatibility update!

Dear all,

We are releasing DHIS2 version 2.35.3 (patch release) today, primarily to resolve an issue in 2.35.2 preventing the synchronisation of data from the DHIS2 Server to the DHIS2 Android app.

If you are currently using version 2.35.2 with the Android app, we advise you to update to this patch as soon as possible.

This is the latest stable release for version 2.35, and supersedes releases 2.35.0 to 2.35.2. Due to the short turnaround, the patch contains only a small number of important changes.

The release note for this patch can be found here: Patch 2.35.3 Release Note.


The DHIS2 Release Team

Release Information Links
Release Note Patch 2.35.3 Release Note
Upgrade notes 2.35 Upgrade notes
Download release and sample database Downloads - DHIS2
Documentation and Javadocs Home - DHIS2 Documentation
Source code on Github Release 2.35.3 · dhis2/dhis2-core · GitHub
Demo instance https://play.dhis2.org/2.35.3/
Docker docker pull dhis2/core:2.35.3
for more docker image variants see dockerhub
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Hi Philip,

What about SMS and Email? SMS are delivered with encoded messages and Email Notification are not been pushed by the Program, we have tried to implement a scheduler, still no luck.

It will be good if this can be resolved.

Do I need to put up a Jira Issue on this?

Thank you for the hard work

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Hi @adulojusm , for the email notifications, are they being triggered by program rules or program/program stage completions? And who’s the notification recipient as set in the message template?

Hi Philip,

I had try with this version,The tracker capture sorting order is not working when we are de associate the tracked entity attribute and add new tracked entity attribute and chnage the sort order.Then am not able to capture the data and search the record.please check once this and let me know if any solution for it.

Its triggered by enrollment.

Notification has always been an attribute filled by the tracked entity. an email field. it was working fine @2.24

Also, we are facing the same problem with pushing SMS for both BulkSMS(which tested 2.35.3 on demo server) and generic gateway in persian alphabet, it was not addressed in this patch as well.


in Generic Gateway :

everything was fine in 2.33 since the upgrade to 2.35.3 we are facing the problem.

also the new app of SMS Configuration I have configured as below but when it hits in gateway server as below. this was configured based on API gateway configuration in the documentation.

what I get in the gateway server is as below:

but I managed to push an SMS through an inline parameter configuration template but the problem with this it doesn’t always put all the parameters in the query string of URL.

if you consider solving this problem, that would be great.

Hi @adulojusm
Can you try sending test email and see if it works or not?

Test email works perfectly

Hi @adulojusm,

Yes, please raise an issue in Jira, and feel free to reference it here so that others can follow it and add extra info if necessary.

I can then follow it up with @zubair and the rest of the development team.

Kind regards,

Hi @RameshReddy ,

Which version were you using before you moved to this one and had the sorting problems?

It would be easier for me to follow up if you raise a ticket in Jira, and detail the steps to reproduce the problem. If you can reproduce the problem on our play instance, that would be even more helpful.

If it’s not reproducible in our environment, then we can still try to help. @Markus might be able to give some guidance.

Kind regards,

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Thanks Philip for the reply, This issue is there in all the versions of DHIS2.As suggested by you i had raise the ticket in Jira. This problem is there in play instance also. I have mentioned all the details in Jira. Thanks for supporting.