DHIS2 patch release 2.33.3 is now available

Dear all,

DHIS2 version 2.33.3 (patch release) is out with bug fixes and enhancements.

This is the latest stable release for version 2.33, and supersedes releases 2.33.0 to 2.33.2.

This patch is being released several weeks earlier than planned in order to provide additional urgent fixes that are needed for several COVID-19 implementations, in particular. As a result of expediting this patch it has been necessary to delay the release of the next version (2.34) by a few weeks.

The release note for this patch can be found here: Patch 2.33.3 Release Note.



Release Information Links
Release Note Patch 2.33.3 Release Note
Upgrade notes 2.33 Upgrade notes
Download release and sample database Downloads - DHIS2
Documentation and Javadocs https://www.dhis2.org/documentation
Source code on Github https://github.com/dhis2/dhis2-core/releases/tag/2.33.3
Demo instance https://play.dhis2.org/2.33.3/


Dear @phil and developers,
recently we upgrade our instance from the v.2.29 to the v.2.33.2. It is great, significantly faster and more comfortable! I found out, however, that the new Capture App (which replace the old Event Capture) DON’T SAVE the events if used the Arabic Interface language. It has a new Right to Left interface, but unfortunately don’t perform its primary goal - save the events in the database! This is the only App we use to acquire data and more than 60 % of our users use the Arabic Interface. We make the workaround using alternative language (Arabic (Iraq)), but our users prefer to use the Arabic Interface language, if possible, because there are more translated strings.
Today I tested the new release 2.33.3 and the issue is still present. There are also some minor bugs - cut the Menus - expanded from the right to the left and behind the window border and other.
Yesterday I opened a Jira issue
with all error messages from the browser console ans screenshots.
Is it possible to resolve this blocking issue, for this language interface, or apply the old style interface (left to right) which also for the Arabic?
Thanks for your support.

Dear @antonia,

I can understand that is a frustrating, and blocking issue for you!

It’s too late for this release, but we will certainly look into this. It’s not my decision, but I’ll make sure that the Product Manager is aware of this and I think it is likely that we can give it a high enough priority that we can look into it before the next patch release; it is core functionality that should be working.

Note that we try to deliver new patches on supported versions roughly every 2 months.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention (and for raising the Jira issue! :+1: )

Kind regards,

Thanks @phil for your attention and your understanding!
Please don’t apply the Right to Left interface to the others Arabic Language Interface variants (Iraq, Egypt, …) in order to have at least one functioning Capture App alternative, until the new Right to Left layout is not deeply tested and functioning.

Best Regards,