DHIS2 patch release 2.31.8 is now available - fixing upgrade issues with 2.31.7

Dear all,

We were recently informed of upgrade bugs in patch release 2.31.7 which prevented some users from upgrading to that version.
To fix those bugs we are releasing 2.31.8 today, earlier than scheduled, so that all users on 2.31 can take advantage of the latest stable release.

As usual, this supersedes releases 2.31.0 to 2.31.7.


This does not add any functionality on top of release 2.31.7 and fixes only the upgrade bugs.

2.31.9 is now planned in about one month; replacing the original planned release of 2.31.8!

The release note for this patch can be found here: Patch 2.31.8 Release Note.

Kind regards!


Release Information Links
Release Note Patch 2.31.8 Release Note
Upgrade notes 2.31 Upgrade notes
Download release and sample database https://www.dhis2.org/downloads
Documentation and Javadocs Resources - DHIS2
Source code on Github Release 2.31.8 · dhis2/dhis2-core · GitHub
Demo instance https://play.dhis2.org/2.31.8/

Thank you so much!This solved it!!


I installed DHIS 2.9 and successfully run on windows server 2019 Screenshot by Lightshot , when i use latest .war versions like 2.32.4 or 2.33 and replace it then why its giving 404 error following same instructions: DHIS2: District Health Information System: DHIS2 Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows 10

when I replace 2.29 back its loading without any issue.

what to do to fix the issue.

I need your help.

Eagerly awaiting the 2.31.9 patch; any idea on timeline for this? Thanks!

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