Dhis2 name change

Hi folks,

Since the software is widely used in different sectors (Agriculture, Finance…). Don’t you think the name “District Health Information Software” needs to be changed? The word ‘Health’ does not accommodate all.



Hi Don, thanks for the input.

The core DHIS2 team and HISP network have discussed this topic quite a bit recently, especially as our software has been deployed in an increasing number of sectors. We have gotten feedback that the “health” part of the name can sometimes be seen as a barrier when proposing the platform to organizations or clients as a potential solution, and we want to do what we can to help encourage people to think of the software a truly generic, flexible tool.

To support this, we recently decided that we will start using “DHIS2” as a standalone name for the software platform–not as an acronym–and we have been removing the previous full version of the name from our website and other materials (except in areas it provides historical context). This effort is still ongoing.

With this approach, we are trying to find a balance between respecting the roots of DHIS2 in the health information field and highlighting its potential as a generic platform for information management and governance.

We’re definitely open to ideas and feedback about this (and some of my colleagues may well join in with comments of their own). But in the short term, please feel free to tell clients that the full name of the software is “DHIS2” – hopefully that will help.


Increasingly, DHIS2 becomes more like brand name, like IBM: no longer spelled out, but still reflecting the history.


I believe the Health aspect of DHIS2 is important, not just to maintain the historical connection but to keep the focus on the specific features that this sort of system requires.

The IT security and data privacy requirements needed for this area, may be used as a argument for the platform’s robustness and reliability, which may not be the case with a more generic Enterprise System approach.
If the system can be used in healthcare, which is a very complex environment, it should be easy to argue that it also can be used for less complicated domains.

PS: In my head I pronounce DHIS2 like “this too”


I call it D2 sometimes :slight_smile:

Thanks Max for the input.
Like @Knut mentioned, this has become like a brand name


Thank you @Namibia for connecting and opening up this interesting conversation!

I’d like to support @Paul’s argument by quoting on of the facts mentioned in the HISP Centre site:

DHIS2 is the world’s largest HMIS platform, deployed in more than 100 countries covering approximately 2.4 billion people.

And I want to take the chance and invite other community members to watch this video it they haven’t already done so! :cinema: