DHIS2 Mobile 2.16


Below you can find a list of the new features in DHIS2 Mobile 2.16.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed, but a special thanks to Emma
Kassy, who has been instrumental in ironing out the usability of the
J2ME Tracker.

For details, you can find the release presentation that we did on

Tuesday here: We have primarily focused on three areas: Data use and
interpretations, messaging, and getting the J2ME tracker up to date
with all the changes that has happened in the server.
We have removed the Mobile Lite (browser) version of the tracker, as
it has not been in wide use, and it has proven not to scale well on
the current code. If you have a need for this, please get in touch,
and we will evaluate making a new version for 2.18 (January 2015).

  • Messaging to several recipients
  • Reading, sharing and posting comments to interpretations
  • Custom response messages for error situations - Customisable completeness - never, at least one data element
    reported or all data elements reported
  • Messaging and conversations
  • Viewing charts - Posting, reading and responding to interpretations
  • Support for any Tracked Entity
  • Single event without registration
  • Visit schedule and searching for upcoming visits
  • Data entry for offline clients allowing completion of registration
    and first step in program
  • Messaging
  • SMS to registered entity on registration
  • Debug logs
    On all the clients we have also done several bug fixes. The J2ME
    clients will be uploaded to dhis2.org this week.
    During the next three months we will focus a log on creating an SDK
    for Tracker on Android, allowing anyone to create custom apps
    without having to implement the hard parts. We are also going to
    work on the SMS feature, with addition of some Tracker use cases.
    And last, but not least, Araz will deliver a new version of the
    Android Aggregate reporting client.
    Again, for more details, see the presentation linked above.
    Thanks go out to the whole mobile team, who has stepped up and
    delivered things we have promised for a while. And again, if you
    want to influence what happens in the mobile team, join the calls
    that are announced on the mailing lists, or simply get in touch to
    tell us what you need, why and when. No promises, but our priority
    is to create what the community needs.


Discontinu****ed features

Mobile Lite changes



J2ME Aggregate

J2ME Tracker

-- Peder Andreas Nergaard, Mobile Coordinator
HISP/DHIS2, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
p: +47 922 47 500 - s: peder.andreas.nergaard - e: