DHIS2 language translation - use Launchpad


We just “lost” our French translation, problem with Norwegian

keyboards and problems organising “team work” and step-wise continuous

translation when needing to work directly on source code- Edem says

iHRIS has web-based global translation of their text strings using

Launchpad - in that way people can contribute and work can be

organised better over time - this we should do also. How is Indian

translation organised,with all those languages?

We do need to do something - the question is what. I think there has been some reluctance in enforcing the usual package of development tools onto the translators. However, at least some translators would be familiar with using bazaar and commit the files like source files, and can use the desktop Java client to work directly with the source.

However, the web based setup that Launchpad offers is quite attractive. I looked at it over a year ago, and it seems nice, but I did not get all the way, because of the difference between the way this is usually handled in open source projects, using the PO format, versus our Java properties files. But I do think it is doable, and worth looking into, as long as we can come up with a good way to transform and sync: https://launchpad.net/+tour/translation

A similar issue is with the documentation - which should also ideally be multi-lingual.



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