DHIS2 Issue with closed facilities

I need to generate a dataset compliance report in DHIS2 version 2.37.6 but DHIS2 display the aggregate values of all facilities, I don’t need to show the compliance of closed facilities.
I tried a solution where I adjusted the closed date of facility. In this condition I only get the compliance of open facilities that is perfect but what’s the issue in this solution? This solution works only if the facility is closed forever, when I re-open that facility by removing the closed date, the previous reports show compliance of all facilities.

Hi @sybghat

Sorry you’ve not gotten a response. Personally, I have not tried this. I could try to figure it out if you’d like to share steps and which apps you used and I really recommend that so we get other community members involved.

For now I will also ask for support from the core team.

Thank you!


@sybghat I received a recommendation from @brian to suggest @Scott’s workaround using predictors. The opening and closing reporting rates for OUs doesn’t work if the reporting period isn’t continuous, but in that case the workaround is to use predictors:

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