DHIS2 Installation

Dear Colleague,
I have attempted several times installing DHIS2 on a local Windows Server by following DHIS2 Blog post and @julhas’ post on DHIS2 installation on a local Windows Server .

came up.
Also tried to follow the instruction:
If you face errors like 404-not-found or out of shared memory, you can follow this post:


Some of the users suggested of Create a Google service account. by visiting the Google cloud console and go to API Manager > Credentials > Create credentials > Service account key. Select your service account and JSON as key type and click Create.
Rename the JSON key to dhis-google-auth.json .
I could not understand.
I found it different from the guide during installation.

  1. image

  2. image
    Value is different : -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=1024m

-No files or log folder seen in my folder

  1. Is there any need to change the dhis2.war file to rar file and extract
    Finally after running tomcat.exe these messages came up.

    Is there anybody to help?

The error in the image “failed error” is complaining about the authentication issues.
Would you please try to edit the .conf file to make sure the the database name, role and password you specified are similar to what you setup in postgres.

Let me know if this solves the issue.


Dear Emma,
Thanks for responding.
Can you please elaborate a bit, like which .conf file?

I am referring to that file (dhis2.conf) that is stored in your DHIS_HOME file which stores the “hibernate properties”.
Please refer to this for further guidance.


Thanks Emma,

I will follow and let you know.



Dr Quazi Mamun Hossain

Hey @Emma_Kassy
I have encountered a problem on dhis2 installation. I prompt an error of out of shared memory
Kindly assist where necessary

With the help of Mr Julhas Uddin I have been finally able to install the DHIS2 in my computer.
My Heartiest greetings to Mr Julhash for his kind support and cordiality.
Thanks to others who have responded to solve my problem.

Bonjour je suis sous ubuntu 18.04 et j’aimerai avoir un tutoriel qui marche pour l’installation de dhis2 car ça fais plus d’une semaine j’essai et je n’ai que des erreurs