DHIS2 Installation on Ubuntu

Good day.

I was wondering if someone could help point me to where I might be getting things incorrectly. I am setting up a fresh installation of DHIS (40) on an Ubuntu 23 server, following instructions from official documentation. It seems like my server is starting and then getting stuck somewhere in Deploying the web app and eventually not creating the required his tables. Here are my configurations and log files as well.

Thanks for your time

Hi @Gabriel_Oduori

The info you provided is great; however, you can see that the first image is only a snapshot of the start of the Catalina.out log so it’s not clear what happens after “Deploying web application archive”. Could you share the remaining of the log without including sensitive/authentication info?

Additionally, you’re using:
Ubuntu 23
Tomcat 9
Postgres 14
DHIS2 version 40

Java 11?

If you are using Java 17 then this has been addressed by @tkipkurgat in the weekly server meetup:

Finally, another community member recently faced an issue with the installation but it turned out to be permissions issue, please double check that the user has the right permissions:

Hi AL-Gassim,

Thanks for your feedback. That was the entire log file, it appeared that the server got stuck at deploying the webapp. I was on Java 17. I have since reset the machine is setting up another instance of dhis2.

Best, G

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You’re welcome so the issue is solved by a restart? Would you explain what was the solution.


Hi Al-Gassim,

As shown in the screenshot I shared, my server remained stuck at the “deploying web app stage”. After several unsuccessful restarts, I decided to destroy the machine and set up a new server using the same software versions but with the following changes:

  1. Upgraded memory to 4GB. Initially, I was running on a 1GM memory.

  2. Created a new dhis user using the command:
    sudo useradd -d /home/dhis -m dhis -s /bin/false.

Initially, my dhis user was a sudoer. I highly suspect this is where the issue was.



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