DHIS2 Installation on Raspberry pi5

Hello, I’m trying to install DHIS2 version 40.3.0 on Raspberry Pi5 with 4GB RAM.
I have installed jdk-17 and tomcat10.
I followed this instruction for the installation DHIS2 installation on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS – AWS – JaeTech Global

When I try to access the instance I get this error

Here is my Catalina log

Kindly assist where necessary. Thank you in advance.
@Gassim @julhas

Hi @Kenyuri

From what I can see is that the Tomcat is working, ROOT.war is being deployed as well. The issue seems with the way we’re trying to access the instance so it could be related to the URL itself such as maybe in the configuration you’d need to use a different port and thus include it in the URL or maybe https needs to be disabled…etc

What exactly is stopping us from accessing the instance is not actually clear. How are you trying to access the instance? is the URL localhost? I hope any of the points I mentioned will bring the light into where the issue is coming from.


Thank you for your response. Its a local host.

I’m using the local IP address to access the instance.

Okay, thanks!

Why does it say mydomain.com in the logs? Do you think that’s something that needs to be changed? I know it’s only a directory but I’m wondering if it makes a difference.

Also, have you tried to configure it to use a different port other than 8080?

mydomain.com was a directory but I have changed it. Here are the new log files. Kindly help

Is it posisble that this is supposed to be:

The screenshot of the Catalina.out log doesn’t show any errors, you might share the whole thing while removing the authentication/any sensitive info…


This is the error that I’m getting


Hello @Kenyuri,
Please note that DHIS2, as it stands, does not work on Tomcat 10 due to namespace renaming from javaxee to jakartaee.

As you might know, the Java project is now managed by Eclipse, leading to this renaming, which is a breaking change.

We strongly advise running DHIS2 on Tomcat 9 for now. If you are on Ubuntu 24.04, where the default package for Tomcat is 10, use the tomcat-jakartaee-migration script. For more information, refer to this presentation, which I discussed in one of the calls.

I am curious about how you did your setup. Are you, by any chance, running on Ubuntu? If so, the DHIS2-server-tools could automate your setup process.

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