DHIS2 Import Wizard Functionality extended

Excited to share the latest addition of GoData- DHIS2 data exchange in the Import Wizard with support form WHO Geneva following the Ebola Outbreak 2022 in Uganda that deployed both DHIS2 Tracker - eIDSR and GoData un connected.

The journey of DHIS2 Import Wizard started in 2017 when the non tech implementers requested for functionality to simply map (data elements, Orgunits…)and import data UI from excel and other systems without writing and running complex scripts. This has seen HISP Uganda build the Import Wizard ship as it sailed, the reason for limited documentation of requirements and functionality of the Import Wizard.

The App has been popular in importing data from Excel, other DHIS2 instance and other platforms utilising the API especially around Diseases Surveillance and Data Repositories. Some of you implementers have used and liked it the reason HISP Uganda has been able to keep its functionality across many versions of DHIS2 including the latest one DHIS2 4.0.

The App was voted the Best App in the DHIS2 Annual Conference 2018 and the main developer @carapai recognised by HISP Uganda as the best innovator in 2020. With leadership of @stephocay Software Development Team Lead at HISP Uganda the app has since been supported and improved jointly with HISP Uganda developers @ssekiwere and @mutesasira.

During the Ebola 2022 outbreak in Uganda eIDSR and GoData were used in the response where GoData mainly captured data on contact tracing and integration with eIDSR was through excel downloads and upload into eIDSR.

During the Ebola response evaluation, a number of systems were recommended for harmonisation and integration of data where necessary, GoData was one of them. With support from WHO GoData team both financial and technical, the teams embarked on a 4 months target to archive full automated integration.

We want to share with the community that this has been archived and our favorite App can now exchange data with any DHIS2 tracker implementation by just mapping and click next to exchange data or by saving a mapping to automatically run at set times.

More available on - Data Import Wizard | HISP Uganda Wiki


Thanks for sharing this update, @prosper!

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