DHIS2_HOME environmental variable

I want to find the DHIS2_HOME variable assigned location as in old dhis2 versions (Eg DHIS2 2.30) in new dhis2 2.35. There is no /WEB-INF/lib/dhis-support-external.2.30.jar/META-INF/dhis/beans.xml in new dhis2 2.35

If we have to edit the name of it where to find it?

The requirement is to install multiple instances looking towards different hibernate files

Any ideas please?

Is there any expert who knows the answer?

Hi @sca007,

Could you let us know what you are trying to achieve?

If you want to run multiple DHIS 2 instances at the same server, the recommended approach is to set the DHIS2_HOME env variable value in a Tomcat startup script (setenv.sh, setclasspath.sh) so that the value is applied for that specific process, and have a dedicated Tomcat instance per DHIS 2 instance.



I want to install multiple instances without using docker.
Earlier it was possible to change DHIS2_HOME variable path in beans.xml file inside the war file. Can you locate it in this 2.35 version please?