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Hello my name is Mark Nicoll and I’m a developer for Innovative Canadians for Change (ICChange), Alberta-based not-for-profit organization focusing on local and international development initiatives. We are currently working in Kenya, implementing an electronic health record in various health facilities. We are upgrading our system to include the DHIS2 platform. Our system is built off OpenMRS. I am new to DHIS2 and reaching out to the community hoping someone can help me understand how DHIS2 and OpenMRS can communicate effectively together.

The intent of integrating DHIS2 into our currently electronic health record is to automate reporting (both government reports and others) and display them in a dashboard. We also want to implement Georgraphic Information System (GIS) into the health record platform. I understand the DHIS2 has this capability.

I am seeking support on recommended tutorials, videos or referrals to anyone I can talk to who has a strong background in the DHIS2 code. I would be most grateful for the support.

Also I’ve found some dhis2 integration modules for openmrs namely the DHIS2 Reporting Module version 1.1 and DHIS Connector Module version 0.1.4-SNAPSHOT but I’ve hit pitfalls trying to understand and use both of these two modules. Namely for the DHIS2 Reporting Module I was unable to get it to query any information. Any query I run just returns a blank page. Additionally, for the DHIS Connector Module I can get it to query but I cannot get it to connect to our dhis2 instance. It just throws a connection refused error each time it tries.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Mark Nicoll | Software Developer | icchange.ca

ICChange @ICChangeAB

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