DHIS2 Fundamentals course login issue

Hello @Gassim , I’m not logging into DHIS2 Traininglands, also can’t recover my account. I"m new here.

Hey @Mercy,

Welcome to the DHIS2 Community of Practice! I understand from your question is that you are taking an online course and trying to login to the DHIS2 Trainingland instance, right? And you are having an issue recovering your account in the online academy? If it is so, please send a support request with this info and your username/email to fundamentals-support@dhis2.org so that one of the admins will direct you on how to recover your account and access the training instance. (:

Good luck with your course and learning path in the DHIS2 Academy. Looking forward to your contributions to the CoP! :+1:

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Thanks Gassim,
email sent and awaiting their reply.

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