DHIS2 French Documentation/ Documentation DHIS2 en français

Hello dear all,

I am from a french speaking country and would like to ask from any one who has got official DHIS2 documentation translated into French to land a help.

thanks indeed.

Bonjour chers tous,

Je suis originaire d’un pays francophone, je viens solliciter auprès de quiconque aurais une documentation officielle sur le DHIS2 de nous venir en aide.

Merci d’avance.

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Bonjour @McCurtis

@Edem_Kossi and HISP West African team can offer support and updates on the french translation


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Thanks a lot sir @prosper,
By the way, how to get in contact with HISP West African team?
Cause I think @Edem_Kossi is reading us and hope he will grant my need.

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Dear @McCurtis we are working on the official translation. It is under review but can share a draft we you


I will be so much grateful for that. Thanks indeed sir @Edem_Kossi

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Merci and please let us know when the French translation is available!