DHIS2 for qualitative Monitoring and Evaluation: Exploring the potential for Outcome Harvesting

This abstract has been accepted at the 2024 DHIS2 Annual Conference

DHIS2 for qualitative Monitoring and Evaluation: Exploring the potential for Outcome Harvesting

At Frontline AIDS, we use Outcome Harvesting to understand the impact of our work, assess our contribution to change in the HIV response and generate learning. Outcome Harvesting is a participatory Monitoring and Evaluation approach, which gathers evidence of outcomes, then works backwards to determine whether and how an intervention contributed to the change. It is particularly useful in complex environments, where the achievements of an intervention may not be predictable at the beginning, and where there are multiple organisations working towards the same goals. As an organisation focused on innovation, policy change, human rights and advocacy, outcome harvesting is beneficial in understanding our contribution to changes in the behaviour, policy, and practices of the people we are trying to influence. Frontline AIDS has used DHIS2 for recording, developing, and analysing outcomes since 2020. To date, 248 outcomes have been recorded on our system. Although Outcome Harvesting is inherently qualitative, we will show you how the coding of outcomes, quantitative analysis and dashboard tables is integral to our analysis and interpretation process. These functions support the interpretation of outcomes, providing valuable insights into our contribution to change, and where strategic adaptation might be needed. We will share some of our learnings from our analysis of outcomes in 2023. In this session, we will delve into the application of DHIS2 to support Outcome Harvesting, the strengths and limitations of using DHIS2 for handling this type of data, and the lessons we have learned along the way. We will take attendees through our journey, starting from the programme design of our Outcome Journal. Join us and discover how Outcome Harvesting, supported by DHIS2, helps Frontline AIDS to understand our impact and shapes our ongoing efforts for positive change in the HIV response.

Primary Author: Jessica Schofield-Wood

M&E, Outcome Harvesting, Qualitative Data