DHIS2 for community development M&E - any experiences?

Hi all -

I am very much a new DHIS2 user. I’ve just started working with a company that uses DHIS2 for M&E for their international development programs (not health-based). They are still in the early stages of its use. I have worked in M&E for a while, but I have never come across DHIS2 for M&E and am not finding a ton of information on its use in these contexts. Does anyone out there have some experience they’d be willing to share? Right now, I am a bit confused on functionality. For instance, I need to be able to conduct household surveys in DHIS2 (I typically use ODK collect, KoBoToolbox, etc.) - I don’t see how to do this in DHIS2 easily. Any insights or tips very welcome!

Dear @aek

Welcome to the dhis2 community and surely you have started in the right forum - DHIS2 CoP. DHIS2 has been used beyond health in many use cases, education, environment, finance, logistics among others.

DHIS2 is global public good designed generically to allow users configure their data collecting needs, capture, validate, analyse and present for data use. So it can support your needs even beyond health.

DHIS2 will support and complement what you have been doing with ODK, KoBo… and many others but you will need more orientation and training oh how to configure and use dhis2.

For household surveys we have the dhis2 tracker that support collection of individual data/records both longitudinally and events like your household surveys.

More information and use cases on www.dhis2.org