DHIS2 Features

DHIS2 is enriched with very great features and I am looking to see the below features in DHIS2 also.

  1. Public dashboard to be shared with public with asking for username and password.
  2. Interaction between dashboard items to filter each other
  • Do you want to see the above features in DHIS2 ?

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Thank you for the post @LutfullahShifaa! Please see if you can explain the features a bit more. How different are these features from the already existing features?

Thanks! I like that you used the poll, BTW! (: :pray:

I have looked for these features but couldn’t find them. Please let me know if these are already available.
See the explanation
Public dashboard:
There is need to share dashboard with partners/public who do not have username in our system. So, if we can make a dashboard public and it appears right as login page not asking for user, it will be very helpful. See the picture i shared . Thats a login page actually.

Dashboard items interacting with each other:
For example there is a provincial map on the dashboard. When you click on a province on the map, it filters out the whole dashboard to that province. It can be true for other items such as period, extra dimensions, an indicator and …
I hope its clear now .

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I didn’t pay attention until you told me but it’d be a great feature I agree. It’ll also be easier to embed dashboards on external websites if this becomes available!

This is interesting because it’s possible to filter the whole dashboard using filter but it might be helpful to filter on the spot!

I added my vote! :+1:

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