DHIS2 Experts Academy: Discussion topic #2 - CBS requirements in Jira

Dear CBS community,

In follow up to the discussions at Expert Academy, it is time for the next topic from the CBS session. This topic also ties in with Stian's introduction to Jira and the disease surveillance dashboard that was sent to the community earlier this week (see attached).

The second discussion topic was on requirements and roadmap:
2) If you compare DHIS2 functionality to what you need for routine case-based surveillance - have all missing functionality been identified and written up in e.g. JIRA?
If not, please specify the missing functionality.

It was agreed in the CBS session that this question was better to discuss online in the community, as not so many participants were familiar with or had had the chance to look at the Jira issues and dashboard.

It is very important to UiO and the network that requirements, especially from the countries themselves, are being heard and prioritized. We therefore hope for feedback on whether there are any functionality for your use cases that have not yet been identified and written up in Jira.

Have a great weekend!

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