DHIS2 - event synchronisation issue in

Hi All,

We had a requirement to update bulk events (5000) in a DHIS instance(Field) which were previously synced to our other DHIS instance (Central).

We updated the required data using an events api put call with json format payload, and have seen that all the events are updated in our Field instance, but few(60) of the updated events are not being synchronised to the Central instance even though the lastsyncronised date is updated in Field instance.

The logs show that sync was successfully completed for these 60 events also with out any errors, not sure why this is happening.

Please share inputs on why this is happening, what other factors/edge cases should we consider/check.

Hi @Sneha_Gudi

Thank you for your post! Good to hear that the the sync was successful and hopefully that is exactly the case.

Could it be because of cache? Please check the Data Administration app → Maintenance, clear application cache and reload apps. Maybe generating the resources tables and exporting the analytics tables will help, and the using the browser cache cleaner app to clear the cache. After all this, to be 100% sure it’s still not a browser cache issue, use Guest Mode in your browser to check.

Please check the log if there are errors after the process above and if so please report. If there aren’t any errors still, are you able to find these events in an API request to the Central instance or in the Central database?

Hope this helps!



@Gassim , Thank You for your quick response !

We tried your suggestions and also we did check the Central database, the events are present in central DB but are not synced as expected (the last updated is still an old date)

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Hi there, we/MSF noticed this as well during our testing - some JIRA bug references below relating to it, & if it is the same issue then it is fixed in v2.37.8 & above.

[DHIS2-12762] - Jira (Event data sync failing)
[DHIS2-12763] - Jira (Tracker data sync failing)

Hope this helps

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