DHIS2 Education Management Information System Implementation

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I am much interested on the implementation of the DHIS2 EMIS in my community, i do not know where and how to start, can anyone please point me to the path which to follow?

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@Knut_Staring and @nancyesp

Hello Tebogo, it would be great if you would manage to establish an EMIS project in Botswana, and you should be able to draw on the implementations in the pilot countries. Have you already studied the material here, including the demo? Are you thinking public schools at the primary level? For a full district? As usual with DHIS2, the recommend path is to start simple, eg with school census (possibly including historical data), whereas extending to the level of individual teachers or students requires more effort and resources, in terms of server management, devices, connectivity, training. A lot depends on who you see as the target audience and their most urgent needs, e.g. district administrators, school headmasters, wider community. Perhaps it is best to get on Zoom and discuss possibilities, please feel free to email me directly at knut@dhis2.org


Thanx a lot Knut, let me first start with vising the material that you have shared then i will arrange for a Zoom meeting to discuss further the DHIS2 EMIS.


@KetshabileT We also have a DHIS2 for Education YouTube playlist, that has great overviews going into more detail on various approaches taken by the 6 pilot countries. Hope this is helpful and looking forward to meeting with you and learning more about your interest.


I had an interesting conversation with @Knut_Staring hope to meeting with you too.