[Dhis2-devs] Field Visit Monitoring System : Has anybody done this?

Hi All

Here in India, the state of odisha requires a Field Visit Monitoring System.

The nature of field visit is for the inspection of facilities according to certain parameters (infrastructure,skill sets etc). For each of these visits a report is submitted by the same person(called a supervisor) who visited the facility. The visit plan (who is to go and where) is made at the start of the year.

The requirement from the application is to have a functionality for making visit plans. And for the entry of the **inspection / **field visit report upon completion of the visit by the supervisor.

Here is the basic flow : -


The Visit Plans will be Name Based Data &

The Field Visit Report would be Aggregate Data.

We are planning of doing it in DHIS as a combination of tracker and data entry. But it would be nice to know if at any other place DHIS has been customized for this type of requirement. If you know of a similar system please share.