DHIS2 Demo with full access and privileges

Hello guys, I am exploring DHIS2 system. I have been able to install a local version on my pc but I am unable to use the data entry app after creating an organisation unit and data set. I am unable to select the organisation unit through the data entry application. See the image below for more clarity. I also tried using the demo versions but most of them offer limited access which prohibits me to complete my exploration cycle. Please does anyone know a demo instance that can grant me all permission and privileges. Even if the data is cleared everyday from the system.

You need to make sure that the user has the Organization Unit (OU) assigned to as a “Data capture and maintenance” in the Users app.

The Superuser account in the play.dhis2.org instances are quite open especially for tasks such as metadata and data maintenance.

May you explain further what is the limitation or what specifically you weren’t able to achieve in the demo versions?


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