DHIS2 Dark Mode

Would a dark/night mode be taken as a serious consideration by the developers/components team or is that something that would be left up to the community?



Hi @chase.freeman, that is an interesting and valid request. Thanks for bringing it up.

Sadly there are a lot of pending tickets that are also very interesting and required and there’s only so much bandwidth, but I’ll bring this up with the team to see what they think.


That is interesting add to themes. Can it be taken in as a Google Summer of Code Project?

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And thanks for sharing this feature request with the community! It’s always great to get the community involved and hear about their use cases, this is important in prioritizing the feature requests too! :+1:

This could actually a good request depending on a person sensitivity to light. It could really be a nice addition aside from reducing the brightness on an android device.

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Thank you for sharing your interest! @here you are welcome to vote and comment in the Jira issue created by @chase.freeman so that it can be prioritized. [DHIS2-13980] - Jira


I will comment on JIRA. Is a comment equivalent to a vote?

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A comment is helpful too, but the vote is above the jira details where you can see a thumbs up. I took a screenshot for you:


@Gassim thank you for your quick response and sharing the screenshot. Let me vote.