DHIS2 custom app for additional dashboard advanced reports / charts

Hello Community

Do you know of any DHIS2 custom react app which is made open-sourced which could be used as a base for building additional advanced dashboards/reports

Thank You in advance

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This is a very interesting question! I believe if an app is made open-sourced then it should be in an online repository. There are so many results when we search on Github and most of them are core apps; however, you can check in apps.dhis2.org if there is an app that interests you in particular then we can search if it has an online repository and check the license.

You’re welcome @jthomas! (:


Thanks alot @Gassim I checked apps.dhis2.org we don’t have yet one on dashboard point of view.

I think not any of those custom dashboards are not yet made available publicly


Maybe you can make a suggestion in the #development:app-development section with an example? (:

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