DHIS2 COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit New Release

Dear all,
Updated metadata packages, documentation and technical guides for the DHIS2 COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Toolkit are now available to download from the WHO Package Downloads page. These modules support the WHO’s latest guidance for monitoring COVID-19 vaccination.

The modules include:

  • Core COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery package [aggregate]: dashboards, indicators, analytics & aggregate reporting datasets for COVID-19 priority target populations, vaccines administered and site-level stock. This package is aligned with electronic joint reporting form (eJRF) requirements for COVID-19 vaccine administration, in addition to support for analysis at national and sub-national levels. Compatible with DHIS2 v 2.30 - 2.35.

  • COVID-19 Electronic Immunization Registry [tracker]: eRegistry based on the tracker data model to support individual level data collection and longitudinal tracking of individuals through the completion of any given COVID-19 vaccine regimen. Features include pre-configured notifications and program rules for appointment reminders, working lists to facilitate follow-up, and capturing key data that can facilitate linkages with vaccine certificate solutions. Program indicators are pre-configured that map to the core monitoring framework also included in the aggregate package. Compatible with DHIS2 v 2.33 - 2.35.

  • Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) [tracker]: An integrated module for vaccine safety monitoring to strengthen the reporting and investigation of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination or any other type of vaccination. This tracker package can be installed as stand-alone or can be used alongside the EIR package to link adverse events with electronic immunization records. Compatible with DHIS2 v 2.33 - 2.35.

We hope you enjoy the improved releases. Please continue to share your implementation stories in the COP!

DHIS2 Global Health Content Team