DHIS2 COVID-19 Surveillance Demo (Error generating chart, please try again)

Hi, I’m trying to use the online demo database for COVID-19. However I have a problem with visualizing the data since every visualizer apps seems to not finish loading (shown in image below).

If I click “view in visualizer app” on one of the tabs I’m directed to this page (image shown below)

Is this caused by missing data?

With best regards, Mathias

Hi @mathiasxx94,

Would you be able to provide us server logs from when this happens?


I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding, but I’m just using the browser demo. Should I try to capture a log from a chrome session when I open the demo?

Turns out loading was prevented by using uBlock Origin, disabling this addon fixed the problem. Thanks for your help anyway.


Thanks for the update! I’m glad you found the issue :slight_smile: