DHIS2 Capture Sync issues

Hello CoP,

We are facing to serious issues in our DHIS2 Tracker instance (2.36 latest).

We use DHIS2 Capture to collect data in countryside, but since one week have synchronization issues with a lot of error message in the “Error Registrer”, bellow some examples :

We tried to solve these errors without sucess.


Hi Mamadou,
The ‘Missing program xyz from OrganisationUnitProgram link, and data set xyz from DataSetOrganistionUnit link’ have you tried to generate resource table in Data Administrator app yet?
Sometimes we create new organisation unit, or new program assign to organisation unit, there is no connection between them in the database.
I hope it may help, otherwise I think we need technical team support you.

@Thuy_Nguyen thank you for your response.

The Synchronization is working now. We unchecked all below option on setting app (they were all checked).

@Gassim it’s maybe better to split this topic in 2 parts (Sync issue and backup issue) right ?

Well, if you suspect the cause is the same then maybe it could still be on the same topic, but if it’s clearer now that the cause is different then the solution is probably different then in this case, I’d advice to split the topic yes. Thank you for helping out.

@didate, kindly explore android-settings-app (App management >> App hub >> android settings). It’s very powerful tool that can help tweak most of the configurations for DHIS2 Capture android app.
DHIS2 Capture is just amazing. Thanks to all who made it a success!