Dhis2 capture app taking hours to do initial sync

I need help with getting started with the latest update of the DHIS2 CAPTURE app.

I can’t seem to get it done in any number of hours even when my Wi-Fi connection is excellent.

After the entering url and user account login details, the sync just goes on and on and on.

Could somebody please help me resolve this.

Hi @Chali.

The Android App will download everything it might need for working online. This means that if your user has been assigned lot of programs and Organisation Units it will take long time to download. May I suggest you reduce the amount of metadata by assigning only one OU and one program?

The other possibility is that your sync breaks due to an error. In order to check what might be going on you might download the Training App from Github (https://github.com/dhis2/dhis2-android-capture-app/releases) which includes Stetho (https://engineering.fb.com/2015/02/18/android/stetho-a-new-debugging-platform-for-android/) and which allows you to see the requests being made between your device and the server and seeing if something is wrong there.

Please try and let us know


Hi @Chali. Did the suggestions help you?


Mine is not taking as long (though it did once during testing) but I came searching on the thread for any recommendations on how to slim down the syncing time.

Is it also possible to not have data sets be part of the configurations and data being synced (going by your suggestion to limit the OUs and Programs accessible to a user).

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Sure, @lillian1n2 . The thing is that most of the datasets (at least in our testing servers) are shared publicly (see below) and therefore downloaded on Android. But if you would remove this public sharing it would reduce the amount of data being transfer.

Please, also consider the usage of Androi Settings WebApp to reduce/limit/define the amount of data you want to download on your devices. DHIS2 Android Settings Web App version 2.2.0 is released