DHIS2 Capture app notification function

Hello everyone,

I’ve developed a tracking program using DHIS2, complete with notifications that are triggered after each program stage is completed. While I encourage my users to utilize the Android application for data entry, I’ve encountered an issue: when the mobile app is used and data is synchronized, the email notifications don’t function. Is there a solution to enable email notifications after data entry via the mobile app?

Hi @Mr_jorge

I’m not sure if this is an issue from the app itself or if there’s a change in the configuration that could fix this.

I’d have tried to reproduce this but it’d require a complete setup, so I will also ask @dhis2-android if it’s a known issue.

Please, what version of the app are you using? And what is the version of the DHIS2 instance?


Thank you for your response I am using the latest version of the capture app Version 2.9

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Hi @Mr_jorge,

Thank you for the report. We did have an issue a while back but it was fixed in 2.34 [DHIS2-9735] - Jira

Could you please provide more information about the configuration. We have done some testing using v40 and 2.9 and seems to be working fine. If possible please share the screenshot to replicate the exact configuration. Thank you


@nancyesp Thank you for your response. My DHIS2 instance is version 2.37.10.

Below is the configuration used on the tracker program notification.

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